Drink Like A Fish and Eat Like A Horse

You have to love yojijukugo. Combine four kanji to get one idiom worth a thousand words. Or, at least 140 characters.


げい いん ば しょく

drink like a fish and eat like a horse; eating mountains of food and drink oceans of liquor [jisho]

鯨(げい)→ Whale

飲(いん)→ Drink

馬(ば)→ Horse

食(しょく)→ Eat

Not sure why the standard translation is eat like a fish when the kanji is for whale. Whales drink more, too. Maybe it's because in English "drink like a fish" is an actual saying, so it makes more sense that way in English.

Anyways, try this yojiukugo out when talking about someone who drinks too much alcohol and eats too much food.